Lake Nehai Tonkayea

     Lake Nehai Tonkayea is a wooded lakeside development stretching 2,000 acres into the unspoiled heart of Missouri and offers total recreational living free from clutter and confusion.  It is home to those who live here, a weekend getaway for many others.  There are 3 lakes on the property, the main 228 acre lake, Nehai Tonkayea, Papoose Lake, and Fawn Lake.  All 3 lakes are stocked annually with an assortment of fish including bass, walleye, catfish, crappie, red-ear, bluegill, and grass carp.  The development includes a 9-hole golf course, beautifully maintained and fully irrigated.  The pool complex includes a full size pool and a wading pool.  Kids of all ages enjoy the conveniently located areas of Sandy Beach and Logue Point that provide a marked area for swimming and picnicking.  We have 2 campgrounds on the property available to members and their guests; all equipped with electricity, water hook-ups, and toilet facilities.