What is Lake Nehai comprised of and what are its main assets? 

Lake Nehai is a private community established in 1962, and is comprised of approximately 2,000 acres. NPOA(Nehai Property Owners Association) is governed by Covenants, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. The total acreage includes three lakes (the largest of which is 250 acres), two beaches, a nine hole golf course, a clubhouse and restaurant, swimming pool, and two campgrounds. The roads within the community are private and maintained by NPOA. A map of Lake Nehai is available for viewing at the lake office.

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Where can I obtain a copy of the Nehai Property Owners Association Bylaws? The Rules and Regulations?

A copy of each of the above documents is available on this web site and the lake office. Go to the appropriate web page to view or print. It is strongly suggested all Lake Nehai lot owners review these documents periodically. Potential buyers should also read and review these documents to ensure this community is suitable to their requirements.

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What is the Nehai Property Owners Association Board of Directors, what are their responsibilities, and who may attend their sessions?

The Nehai Property Owners Association Board of Directors consists of seven members, each of whom is elected for a three year term in “staggered” elections; that is, three (3) members are elected at the annual association meeting held in June. Overall, the boards’ responsibilities include but are not limited to enforcement of the Covenants, Bylaws, and Rules of the community as well as the upkeep, maintenance, and management of NPOA common land, structures, assets, etc. A detailed list of the board’s responsibilities is found in the “BYLAWS OF NEHAI PROPERTY OWVNERS ASSOCIATION: Article V and VI”.

All interested parties may attend NPOA Board meetings. They are generally held on the second Monday of the month at a place convenient to board members. The location, date and time is included in the minutes of the prior meeting and is posted on the calendar section of this website. Minutes of the board meetings are available to NPOA Lot owners by contacting the Secretary of the NPOA.

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What are the financial obligations of a lot owner to the Nehai Property Owners Association?

Every Owner of Record of a lot automatically is a member of the NPOA, and as such is subject to the payment of annual dues and special Assessments as levied by the association due by March 1st each year. These charges and fees are determined by the NPOA Board (Bylaws - Article III). The funds are used to build, operate and maintain roads, utilities, and recreation facilities for the benefit of the lot owners and to comply with state and local governmental requirements, and to pay taxes, insurance, etc.

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What rules, regulations, etc. should a lot owner (or a potential purchaser of a lot) in Lake Nehai be aware of?

A new owner has the responsibility to be familiar with the following documents:



These documents will provide the potential purchaser or new owner with a thorough understanding of the do's and don'ts established for Lake Nehai. A copy of each of the above documents is available on this website. Go to the appropriate web page to view or print.

Please note, it is very important that the Nehai Property Owners Association Board of Directors be notified in the case of a purchase, so names and addresses may be recorded to ensure new owners receive copies of the above documents and can be included in all Lake Nehai correspondence.

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What steps are required by the Nehai Property Owners Association to build a house on a lot, or expand an existing house, or construct an out-building (e.g. garage, shed, etc.)?

Nehai Property Owners Association requires plans and specifications be submitted to the NPOA Building Committee for construction of a new house, addition to the exterior of a house, or addition of any structure. Prior to the beginning of any construction these plans and specifications must be approved in writing (Building Rules and Regulations) by the Building Committee and NPOA Board of Directors. Restrictions governing the size, type of structure, placement and setback of structure within the property lines of the lot, use of property, timing of construction and completion of certain phases of construction etc. are detailed and should be thoroughly reviewed prior to any construction (Covenants – Article 2). Depending upon what is being constructed, there may be escrow as well as non-refundable funds required.

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What are the rules and regulations regarding the rental of a home within Lake Nehai?

-Dwellings including houses, modular homes, and trailers may be rented only to and occupied only by NPOA members in good standing, (i.e dues and other incurred charges paid in full), and with the approval of the NPOA Board of Directors.

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Who may use the lake and pond within the private boundaries of Lake Nehai, and are their any restrictions regarding boating?

All roads leading to the lakes are private and considered common property owned and maintained by NPOA. These Association roads provide the only access to the lakes (apart from private lots that are directly on the lakes). Therefore, there is no public access to these waters and hence are for the exclusive use of Lake Nehai Lot owners and their guests (“GUEST POLICIES”). The lakes are very fragile assets, can be easily damaged and therefore require very rigid rules and regulations to govern the usage. There are two (2) common area beaches on the lake for the use of all Lake Nehai property owners. There are no lifeguards at any of the beaches. Use of the beaches, lake, swimming pool and other common property is at the risk of the user.

Only Lake Nehai Lot owners may put a boat on the lake, and this boat must be registered with the NPOA office. A boat may be registered by contacting the office. (GUESTS MAY NOT PUT A BOAT INTO ANY OF THE WATERS OF LAKE NEHAI). Before a boat which has been used in a different body of water may be placed in Lake Nehai please wash it thoroughly to assure that no foreign seeds, pollens, algae, etc. are introduced into the lake.

Remember, your dues are used to maintain the dam and the lake, and it is far less expensive to prevent damage than to correct damage.

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What are the rules and regulations governing the golf course?

The golf course is a valuable asset of the Lake Nehai community and is supported by the dues. The Board of Directors establishes the rules governing the access to and the use of this course. (“GOLF COURSE POLICIES”). These rules have been established to insure fair and equitable use of the course by Lake Nehai lot owners and their guests, as well as to protect the course.

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What services are available to Lake Nehai Residents (e.g. mail, garbage, etc.)?

Garbage: Lake Nehai contracts with Veolia for garbage pick up once per week. There are several trash dumpsters provided east of the main gate and each of the campgrounds.

Mail: Mail will only be delivered if a mailbox is installed.

Newspapers: Currently the Sho-Me Shopper and the Chariton Valley Press may be delivered to the driveway of your home (except) during severe, inclement weather. The Trading Post also has local newspapers available for sale.

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What emergency services are available?

Lake Nehai lots have been assigned addresses (from the original lot numbers) that conform to the requirements of the “911” emergency system that has been implemented. The street and lot number provide sufficient information for any of the emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) to get to where they need be. If there is reason to contact any of these services without going thru the “911” system, their phone numbers are as follows;

Police/Sheriff - 911 or 660-288-3277
Fire - 911 or 660-777-3595
Chariton County Ambulance - 911 or 660-388-6115back to top

What resources are available to help me learn about surrounding towns?

Most local towns and other areas of interest maintain a Web site. Please see the "Local Interests" page for more information.

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