Policies, Permits, Forms

All lot owners and prospective lot owners are urged to read these governing documents. 
Overview of the Nehai Lake governing documents:

The Covenant is a legal obligation imposed in a deed by the seller upon the buyer of real estate to do or not to do something. Such restrictions frequently "run with the land" and are enforceable on subsequent buyers of the property.
        NPOA Covenant
The Bylaws is a document that establishes procedures for the community's governance as an Association.
        NPOA By Laws
Building Permits are required to be submitted and approved by the NPOA Board prior to construction and may require a permit fee: If you are printing a permit to submit, please use legal size paper, 8.5 inches by 14 inches. 
        Boat Dock Permit
        Free Standing Structure Permits
        House Permits
        Garage Permits
        Mobile Home Permits
        Seawall Permits
The Rules and Regulations are additional governance which is adopted by the Association's Board of Directors to supplement the Bylaws:
       Camping Policy
       Guest Policy

       Sewer Policy